Joomla is one of the best open source content management system(CMS ). It is made in PHP. Any body can install in it with ease. Developers around the earth are continuously adding more modules to joomla to enhance the functionality. Joomla provides data storage in MySQL.

Some of the features includes:

  • News flashes
  • Page caching
  • RSS feeds
  • Printable versions of pages
  • Blogs
  • Polls
  • Search
  • Support for language internationalization

Minimum requirements for Joomla are:

  • Apache or IIS web server
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP (server side scripting language)
  • XML ,and Zlib functionality enabled in PHP

Services we provide :

  • Installation of Joomla and its Extensions
  • Content Management
  • Adding Extensions
  • Advanced Template Development
  • Search Engine Optimization for Joomla enabled pages
  • Database Backups provision
  • Providing you with necessary upgrades for the Components and modules

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